Sunday, August 8, 2010

So exciting!

one of the scrummy 'baby' cupcakes that they have for sale at the WAGG shop.

Well it's over for now but I will always live in hope that Cristina Re's "Where a girl goes" will have another HUGE sale!
When I arrived the little office area was packed with feral women, scavenging through the 'old stock' consisting of, envelopes, invitations, transparency's, paper and last season's chrissy cards! But a bargain was to be had and I grabbed 100 sheets of candy coloured striped paper for $10 and packs of transparency's 10 sheets for $3! They were even selling her 'artwork' of her paper designs for $100!! If I'd had the cash I would have bought the cherry blossom one but alas, cash was tight and paper was more appealing ;o)
While I was happily browsing the goodies I looked up and there was Ms. Re herself!!! Now to a normal person she is just that, a normal me she is an inspiration and a quiet idol. She is living my dream...I have always looked to her for inspiration on how to pursue, one of my many dreams ;o)
Anyway after I had collected my booty I wandered next door to the 'WAGG' shop! I felt slightly stalkery when I saw Cristina sitting with a woman chatting. I did however pull one of the nerdiest things ever and ask the girl serving if she thought after her 'meeting' would she be totally freaked out if I asked for a photo? She laughed and said she didn't think she'd mind. So I waited (like a stalker) but my nerve was waining as was my parking time and I had to leave. As I went to leave she got up grabbed her purse (a lovely little silver number) and walked out with her 'meeting'.
So my near brush with 'an inspiration' was short lived but I still got a thrill out of being near Ms Cristina Re :o)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Busy busy busy...

It's been a while since my last post, not that I haven't been busy ;o) I am hoping to do the Hawthorn Market soon, and I am busily making list pads, purse pads, note pads and journals with matching pens. I have also taken a liking to bracelets...I used to make jewellery years ago and have recently gotten back into it since my mother-in-law asked if I could make a few (I made 20+) to take OS as gifts. It was fun so I am having a play ;o)